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My grandparents were bootmaker in Alsace, France…

Sartoria Pino Peluso bespoke suit


Beauty of Handmade Jacket

Chad Park of B&Tailor is sporting a 3 year old Sportscoat that gets used on a regular basis. These shots were taken after a long day at the atelier showing natural creases/wrinkles that come with actively living in a jacket.

No matter how creased the jacket is, it is still sitting properly on the body with a flattering silhouette. I also like the fact the the entire look is very current and you can see lots of subtle details of handwork that enhances the overall effect of the jacket on Chad.

The jacket is made of a delicate fabric that is a cashmere and silk blend. It an luxurious and fine fabric that people often think of as too fragile and not so hard wearing. Well, with proper care and wearing, one can enjoy wearing a garment made of fine/delicate fabric for a long time. 

So true !

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